Christopher Mallick: Relationships Heal

Departure from the adult film industry is difficult for many of the participants because of the assumptions made about the people involved.  New careers and old relationships are essential for each person to build a “normal life.”  Once new ventures are pursued, many people will reenter the former adult film star’s life.  Christopher Mallick has created After Porn Ends to bring understanding to those inside and outside the adult film industry.

Christopher Mallick: Collection of Interviews

Crissy Moran from the documentary After Porn Ends produced by Christopher Mallick

Crissy Moran from the documentary After Porn Ends produced by Christopher Mallick

The newest documentary produced by Christopher Mallick, titled “After Porn Ends,” is a compilation of interviews with former adult film stars.  Over an extended period of time, the interviews were conducted as each participant had time.  Some of the most well-known stars in the industry agreed to participate because of the importance of telling the story.  Each person has a unique story about new ventures and restored relationships.  Christopher Mallick had a desire to remind everyone that life can return to “normal.”  Those who are currently working in the adult film industry will be assisted in the decision to leave when the time comes.

Chris Mallick: One Word Triggers Many Reactions

Shelly Lubben from the documentary After Porn Ends produced by Chris Mallick

Shelly Lubben from the documentary After Porn Ends produced by Chris Mallick

A new documentary called “After Porn Ends” attempts to calm some of the concerns people have over the porn industry.  Chris Mallick knows from personal experience that the word “porn” causes people to react in various ways.  Interviews on the documentary are told by former adult film stars who have left the industry for other opportunities.  Each story reveals the difficulties each person faced as he or she attempted to reenter relationships and find new avenues of work.  Some had to recover from addictions and deal with emotional scars.  All of the stories are meant to help others understand the challenges.

After Porn Ends:!/AfterPornEnds

Christopher Mallick: Surprise Participants?

Seka from the documentary After Porn Ends produced by Chris Mallick

Seka from the documentary After Porn Ends produced by Chris Mallick

Young adult film stars come from many different walks of life.  The new documentary produced by Christopher Mallick shares the stories of former adult film stars.  Each one came from a unique background that might have included a college education or aspirations of being a baseball star.  Some friends and family members are surprised to find out that they know someone who participated in adult films.  The days of obscurity for these former adult film stars are over because of the Internet.  The purpose of the documentary is to reveal the struggles these individuals find as they attempt to start life anew.

Christopher Mallick: Expect Few Miracles

Chris Mallick

Christopher Mallick has what it takes to be successful in the film industry.

Most people have heard stories about the person who was discovered while sipping on a straw at the corner malt shop.  Christopher Mallick reminds newcomers to the film industry that such an occurrence is remarkably rare.  Acting talent is discovered when directors and producers, like Christopher Mallick, watch reels and hold casting calls.  Great scripts offer acting opportunities for those who fit the roles.  Audiences appreciate the films created by Christopher Mallick and his team because of the unique approach to storytelling.  Original content highlights the talent of every participant, including those behind the scenes.  Talented individuals will find work when the time is right.

Christopher Mallick: Eternal Optimist

Involvement in the film industry can turn anyone, except Christopher Mallick, into a pessimist.  Life experience led Christopher Mallick to establish a film studio that operates on creativity and drive.  Each project is selected with the finished film in mind.  A great story will translate from script to screen.  Original content is used to tell the story written into the script.  Christopher Mallick believes that anything is possible when the right talent, film locations and story come together.  After the completion of each film, the entire team cherishes the experience.  Audiences remember the unique story told in the film long after the final scene.

Christopher Mallick: Original Content in Film Production

Chris Mallick with Oxymoron Entertainment

Christopher Mallick takes pride in his work.

Christopher Mallick takes a creative approach to filmmaking by using original content in his films. Most industries embrace new ways of doing things that are proven to be better and more efficient. Christopher Mallick embraces a restored vision of cinematography that recognizes creative techniques in production. Independence offers great opportunities to revolutionize every aspect of the filmmaking process. Script-driven decisions allow Christopher Mallick to create a unique path to accomplish his filmmaking goals. Original content must be made at appropriate filming locations since special effects will not be used to create sets or backgrounds in a Christopher Mallick film.

A wide variety of professional experience in various industries has taught Christopher Mallick that success is reached through many different approaches to a venture. His dream of bringing back the use of original content in films is coming true through Oxymoron Entertainment. Actors and film crews share his dream of creating films that are not cluttered with special effects. A positive reputation will allow independent filmmaker Christopher Mallick to make a difference in the film industry for many years to come.