Christopher Mallick: Original Content in Film Production

Chris Mallick with Oxymoron Entertainment

Christopher Mallick takes pride in his work.

Christopher Mallick takes a creative approach to filmmaking by using original content in his films. Most industries embrace new ways of doing things that are proven to be better and more efficient. Christopher Mallick embraces a restored vision of cinematography that recognizes creative techniques in production. Independence offers great opportunities to revolutionize every aspect of the filmmaking process. Script-driven decisions allow Christopher Mallick to create a unique path to accomplish his filmmaking goals. Original content must be made at appropriate filming locations since special effects will not be used to create sets or backgrounds in a Christopher Mallick film.

A wide variety of professional experience in various industries has taught Christopher Mallick that success is reached through many different approaches to a venture. His dream of bringing back the use of original content in films is coming true through Oxymoron Entertainment. Actors and film crews share his dream of creating films that are not cluttered with special effects. A positive reputation will allow independent filmmaker Christopher Mallick to make a difference in the film industry for many years to come.