Christopher Mallick: Expect Few Miracles

Chris Mallick

Christopher Mallick has what it takes to be successful in the film industry.

Most people have heard stories about the person who was discovered while sipping on a straw at the corner malt shop.  Christopher Mallick reminds newcomers to the film industry that such an occurrence is remarkably rare.  Acting talent is discovered when directors and producers, like Christopher Mallick, watch reels and hold casting calls.  Great scripts offer acting opportunities for those who fit the roles.  Audiences appreciate the films created by Christopher Mallick and his team because of the unique approach to storytelling.  Original content highlights the talent of every participant, including those behind the scenes.  Talented individuals will find work when the time is right.

Christopher Mallick: Eternal Optimist

Involvement in the film industry can turn anyone, except Christopher Mallick, into a pessimist.  Life experience led Christopher Mallick to establish a film studio that operates on creativity and drive.  Each project is selected with the finished film in mind.  A great story will translate from script to screen.  Original content is used to tell the story written into the script.  Christopher Mallick believes that anything is possible when the right talent, film locations and story come together.  After the completion of each film, the entire team cherishes the experience.  Audiences remember the unique story told in the film long after the final scene.